Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2 Parties

I am noticing that people are becoming more party oriented, including myself, when it comes to political views and thoughts. With the fragmentation of the two parties into a couple of different groups each, I notice that these internal groups within the parties seem to simply be using the parties as vehicles so that they are still noticed.

The Democrats have a couple of fun ones. Liberals, which used to be simply an adjective based noun to a person with specific social policies, is now a separate group. Progressives, which take a liberal frame of reference and add to it a fiscally liberal and social program and infrastructure based way of looking at things. And of course, the newish "Bluedogs" which seem to be Republicans that have liberal social ideas.

The Republicans have broken into two noticeable areas form my perspective, The "NEoCons" which seem to be ultra christian oriented socially conservative people that are my worst political nightmares. And the the other group is what I am simply referring to from here on out as the "Rest of the Repubs" because they are the ones who survived the NeoCon takeover a few years ago.

The two parties seemingly come from two ideas that have been explained a particular way for a while. Now it has more names: Big vs Small Govt, Strong Federal Govt vs Strong State Govt, Tax Raises vs Tax Cuts, etc etc etc. This pigeon holing has allowed the common voter to breeze over their politics and political figures in a pigeon holed way that keeps things remarkably simple and basic. Therefore, people seem to care less.

It's not that they care less, they notice less and have been programmed to think that they are "too busy" to allow something like to get in their way. I say that they are nuts and off their noodle. After all, how much more important are anythings beside how stuff gets decided for you by others far away from your home who know nothing of your problems.

Why would you want that?

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