Thursday, July 13, 2006

Boston! Some Days Are Good, Some Days Are Better!!

Alrighty. Sorry for the egregious delay in updating. I was looking at the last date and thought: "Hmmmm. I am a rude bastard." We know this though. The title is indicative of my daily commute to my new home city, Boston. One of the oldest cities in the United States, Boston has a flair for the...yawn. Whatever. I live here now. I don't need to be sold on it anymore. You got me! I am now trapped.

I received countless warnings from Florida Yahoo's about how rude everyone is up here and how I can expect no help. Let me tell you something, they were dead wrong about the attitude of people here. They are more than willing to direct me to the nearest bar, which there are many, and definitely more than willing to hear me ramble on in a stupor about how friggin hot it is in Orlando. What they don't understand, though, is that I am not on vacation. People keep asking me when I am going back...Which I am kind of getting sick of. One's own boss should not be asking me when my visit is over, especially when I came in to his office to ask him about payroll.

I digress.

The people here are very, very, very blue collar. Which works out for me because it gives me a ton of people to look down upon. That is fun to do and we all know how judgmental I am. Plus, there are a great many gay marriages here. In fact, there has been a run on them lately because the legislature is thinking about reversing its whole "people with the same parts can get married, too" stance. Its stupid, but hey, I am not in charge of the weird states' government here. They can reverse or repeal or rim or whatever they does not affect me in one single way. I am sure that the flamboyant mega-queen down the hall in another office cares about it, but I don't.

Moving on.

Earlier this morning, while on the train for my long-ass commute, I was overtaken by a conversation happening loudly a few seat ahead of me. It was a woman who was sitting with three other guys and two other girls. They were talking about oral sex and their own partners, in very graphic detail. The kind of detail that gave me a semi when one of the girls was talking about concentrating on the tip. I was not uncomfortable listening to this conversation at all, however, many of the other 30 or so people within earshot of it were. I was just very happy to know that people are just as freaky and inappropriate here as they are back home.

I also interrupted them and said, "I couldn't help but overhear your conversation. Are you people all really close friends or something?" I received a blank stair from one of the guys, and slight smirks from everyone else. "What?" I said. "Well, were not all close friends, if that's what you mean". Said the tip speaking minx who might pass for attractive in the sunshine state. "That's not what I mean," I responded with a quick glance at the strangers surrounding me (who by the way, wanted me to interrupt this conversation in no way shape or form it turns out) "What I mean, is, are you all friends outside of this commute, or is this the type of friendships I should be looking for in my morning commute?" I said with smile and a devious sort of brogue about me. "What's your name..." Was all I got in response from her.

I am supposed to go out for drinks with all of them in Boston this Friday....


Anonymous said...

I want pictures.. and not of the city!

It is funny what you say about people asking you when you are going back. When we moved to Jersey when I was in middle school, everyone ther said, "You move HERE from Florida?" I guess we just have to explain to the people up there that people in FL don't actually live at Disney World.


Samm Chazz said...

Waitaminute....I did not live at DisneyWorld? I have a lot of explaining to do then....