Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Shock of the System

KBR is a company that was contracted to install electrical appliances, small grids and power sources in Iraq for most of our overseas combat operations. This is fantastically profitable and a boon to their books. In fact, they have a history of contraction from the government that stretches back to Lyndon Johnson's administration. This has remained quite profitable for them.

So profitable, that nearly 100% of their business is actually government contracts since 1994.

It's a horrible shame that they have now been culpable for another potential military death, criminally this time. In fact, it seems that the criminality of this particular situation is a first for them. But, according to an unconfirmed source of information, there have been as many as 36 military-electrical related deaths that can be directly tied to KBR.

Unconfirmed. Please note that this is unconfirmed.

However, if true, this is a huge issue. I understand that accidents happen and that no one is perfect, especially in a potential war zone. The problem is that they continue to get contracts. They are clearly part of the old boys club, one that was supposed to change with the onset of this new administration. Hopefully, they will begin to change at some point soon.

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