Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eat Shit!

The phrase “Eat Shit and Die” has taken on a new meaning for me. I have been interested in Agriculture and Food Supply Chains. I have been reading a lot of Michael Pollan and am anticipating the new Food, Inc movie when it comes out. This all fits in my wheelhouse since I am such a crazy and ridiculous liberal.

This particular phrase, “Eat Shit and Die” has really hit a spark with me. I was thinking about how much manure goes into all of our food in the supply chain. Crazy shit! For instance, in an industrial cattle pen, the manure, which is not, used per se, stacks up, so to speak, and the cattle just walk around in it and it gets stuck to them, which is awesome. However, the manure is actually kept in giant tanks that are supposed to keep the methane from going north and adding to the greenhouse effect. Which is cool. While we do not eat this shit, it can make us die eventually.

The shit we eat is more coming form open range farms where the chickens feed on the cow patties dropped by cattle as they make their way through a pasture. The cows eat grass, shit it out, and the chickens then come up and pick through it to get to the seeds and grubs. They eat shit, which means we eat shit. However, the shit that the cows shit out actually helps to fertilize the grass area. That means that the grass eats shit. So the grass eats shit, and the cows eat the grass and the chickens pick through the shit to get the stuff that grows in shit and then we eat the cattle and the chickens.

I would love to see how much shit is actually ingested by an average person during an average meal. However, that meal needs to be made by actual sustainable. Most of our meals are not sustainable, which means that those of us who eat a lot of shit are actually doing better than the rest of the country who seem to eat nothing but high fructose corn syrup ridden, cornstarch infested, xanthan gum filled, maltodextrose covered fast food that contains something called “synthetic fatty emulsifier”, which sounds awesome. God bless shit!!

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