Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back to the old ways

After much hand wringing and attempting to find out what the hell I want to do with this stupid blog, I have decided the following:

1) Trying to pigeon hole my ideas to fit a constrained and ridiculous format in order to maintain some sort of credibility or some such is not working.

2) Trying to limit myself to just talking about politics and the politics of social issues, is not working.

3) Trying to make it so that I seem a more approachable person to read about and such, is not working.

I need to face it, I am a douche. I am an asshole most of the time and my personality can be described as salty at best. My own personal snarkiness is part of me and trying to hide in an effort to seem like a commentator with reason seems both implausible and asinine at the same time.

So, I will go back to my douchieness. I will leave my socially significant posts up and readable, for a while. Then I will take them down. I am taking down the book review site. I will keep the five things you should read about and keep the books I am currently reading. But otherwise, in the words of my forefathers:

I am fucking home bitches, where's my dinner.


(by the way, douchieness does not come up on spell check, who would've a thought)

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