Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"America - Fuck Yeah!!!"

The Winter Olympics are here. That is awesome. It is one of the only times of the year that I feel a true patriot and give a shit about skiing, all in the same period of time. I love the pageantry (or norse chicks in witner coats), the heartbreak (hot american chicks going up against Canadien lumberjacks in curling), and the overall feeling of Americanism (is that a word) that I receieve from Bob Costas.

It also reminds me that anything is possible. The thought that some stoned-out-looking-17-year-old is actually wearing a doughnut made out of gold around his neck leaves with a feeling of slight embarrassment, but at the same time, reminds me of the little people in america and how we have an untapped resource of low wage workers available.

Yes, America, I refer to pot smokers.

There is a demographic of people who can make a difference. Considering that I was able to persuade a girl (no names please) to actually help me wash my car while she was in a pair of shorts and a tshirt for just a small amount of cheetos. She was stoned to the nines and quite attractive. If I was a disgusting misogynist, I could have actually taken advantage of her, but I digress.

If this "heeeeey maaaan" stoner can win gold medal in something as unimportant as snowboarding, perhaps I can equal the feat in an equally insignificant sport. Let the curling dream begin.

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