Thursday, February 09, 2006

I ain't no holla-back....what the fuck!!!!

I found out today that someone that I respect loves a lot of the new pop music that has come out in the last three years. And while I have no particular problem with any of that crappy music, besides the fact that its crappy, I have a small problem with someone, who happens to be in their thirties, singing along with "holla-back girl" or that atrocious "milkshake" song. She looked cute while singing it, and I did want her to "spin my ...." (you know how that phrase goes), but its totally beside the point. I just hope none of her blood goes in me next time I need surgery.

The next issue on today's table has to do with all the problems in the middle east. I am not sure what is going on over there, mainly because I don't have seven hours to read up on it in order to make a cohesive thought. I understand there is some sort of war we are involved in. I also hear that we are mad at some country because they say they are trying to power their country but we think they are building nukes, or something.


I am mostly mad because I will not be able to go to Egypt in the next few years because of all of the shit going on in that region. Apparently its not safe for Americans right now. My questions is: What else is new? It hasn't been safe for Americans anywhere except for Europe and Japan for about 12 or so years now. I would love to travel the world, but, alas, my twenties are almost over. People look at old dudes in youth hostels in Europe a little weird. Its a good thing that I did that earlier. Hopefully, one day, I will be able to travel to some cooler places.

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i know you will