Friday, January 02, 2009

Facebook & Stuff

So my wife, then girlfriend, got me started on Facebook and I have to tell you that it is fairly neat. It is communication on the cutting edge in an exceptionally boring way. I find that, while fun, it is fairly incoherent as far as a means of communicating. I now have about 275 friends on Facebook. A lot of which I have still have not had any type of conversation with in about a decade and a half. I did not really talk to them before Facebook. I do not really talk to them now that they are "friends" on Facebook. So it is a wash-out in my opinion.

I will say this though: Facebook let's you know who you forgot about. I recently was contacted by someone who was a friend about 12 years ago before I moved away. We worked together and I was at his wedding with his then second wife, who he had gotten pregnant which was the primary reason for the union. Not to say that they did not have feelings for each other before the occurrence, but maybe not quite strong to lead to matrimony. However, it was much to my surprise to find out that they are still married and actually chose to have more children. Again, I had not talked to this guy in 12 years and his message to me was a one-line joke I made to him at work about six months before his wedding. The line shall remain unsaid at this time for the sake of any children who may or may not be reading this.

Another friend who I had not talked to since a short and unsuccessful stint at college also agreed to become my friend and, after much Facebook sleuthing, I discovered numerous interesting things about him as well. He was married to someone whom I swear he broke up with so that he could sew his oats at college. If I remember correctly, it was a fairly bad breakup as well. It was interesting to me that after all this time, he managed to have a family with this girl and they looked pretty happy. However, I will say this, it seems that his new year's message to everyone was that he was staying home with a something ( I don't remember completely) and "a Fifth of Popov Vodka".

Now, for those of you who do not know what this is, let me explain. You know that when they make decent Vodka they use a hydrogenated potato mash as the primary fermentary body. Well, on your less expensive, less vodka-y vodka's, they use a potato starch enriched hydrogenated wheat mash of wheat and oats. Sounds yummy in this language, doesn't it. Well, Popov is the type of vodka that is made from the discarded pig entrails and feces that is then mixed with scraped off the side potato seeming wheat and oat mash that is discarded after the primary fermentation process. Popov is not commonly recognized or described in such terms as good, passing or even drinkable. Popov has been known for years as a specific potion intended to speed the loss of memory and/or brainwaves associated with normal thought. Popov vodka, while very economically friendly, is not intended to be anything than a sub par alcoholic liquid for mixing sub par juices with and gagging it all down and being proud that you only spent $6 on an evening of drunkenness.

I say "good-show old man" in all honesty.

Till next time.

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