Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't Drink the Water

I would like to offer a small amount of advice to large businesses that produce food products: From here on out, enough already with the unsanitized bullshit. This is foodstuffs that you produce. It gets eaten! Please, keep your processing plant clean, your utensils clean, your workers' hands clean, your food clean. I am quite sick of seeing item after item and food after food being sent out due to gross negligence trying to make a buck off skimming on the standards and regulations.

Now we cannot eat pistachios. That's just fantastic. More nuts. In the last year, nationwide, we have had scares on chiles, tomatoes, peanuts, salmon and now pistachios. Enough already.

I know that it is crazy to expect any large business to self-regulate for the safety of society as a whole but it would be nice if the conscienceless large food conglomerates would do something to get people to wash their hands more. Perhaps some spot-testing and sanitation standards can be placed in the yearly budget so that my kid does not get some horrible illness for wanting to eat something basic like friggin' peanut butter.

Now, in full disclosure, I do not know how or why this is happening. These large companies may be not doing anything wrong or untoward. However, I find it to be convenient that as soon as food regulations were lessened and the amount of regulatory and inspection staff at the FDA was scaled down over the last few years that these things happen.

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