Sunday, April 05, 2009

Hi there. I am the economy, I give you permission to take a vacation.

The wonderful way of the world is that we all have a hard time understanding basics. We all think too much and we all overreact o the smallest minutiae around us. If some quack doctor announces that there is a chance that autism is linked to childhood inoculations, then by God, we should put it all over the news and jump to the conclusion that he is right and stop giving our kids inoculations for diseases that were under control decades ago. We should do this without questioning his work, his pathology, his tests, his controls and without questioning whether or not this is just his idea or if it is shared by other noteworthy doctors.

I bring this up today because of the way that we have overreacted to many things thus far in Barack Obama's presidency. The 24 hour news cycles dictates that everything must be news, no matter how insignificant or backwards seeming. All things are important and not only that, small issues seem to be equally as important as big issues. Take the economy for instance. I understand that not all of us are economists. But, come on! Is there going to be a major change tomorrow or the day after? All economists talk about this recession in terms of months or maybe even longer. The individual days do not provide us with enough data to specify whether or not things are getting better or worse. I submit that it does not matter. I submit this strongly. I also submit that there is little that our pretty little heads can do non-collectively with just basic worrying and stress. Neither of these things will help, so I say again. TURN OFF THE NEWS and focus on daily life for a week or so. Clean something that clearly needs it. Rake your yard t get ready for spring and summer. Grab a handful of nails and go fix rough and loose spots in your wooden fence. I guarantee you that the economy will still be there if you take a week off of worrying.

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