Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Humdrum - ho hum

So, what's the haps? How goes it? Any changes in the basicality of life all over the place? (please do not look up basicality, but pronounce it in your head as BAY-SIC-AL-IT-EE, practice it twice....thanks.) I have been trying to understand politics lately. I have been trying to understand the climate change problem, (and I think that both sides are essentially missing the primary point) and I have been trying to stop understanding our economy. Part of the problem of being an intelligent monkey is that I have a basic idea of how basic micro- and macro-economics work, and thus have an understanding of the royal goat-fuck that our economy is becoming. But first, let me say farewell to many Dems and the joyride that have taken our country on in the last 2 years. Ah, no one understood you or what you were trying to accomplish...and you didn't explain. It serves you right. Now, Republicans....welcome? I unfortunately do not have a sandwich or anything to drink to offer you, seeing as I am still eating my own shoes from your last set of policies. I equate you all and your policies to being a maggot released in a taxidermist's shop.

Enough of that. I am too far left to think that things will ever be right, now. Republicans, please just fuck off and leave me alone. You sell people a set of bad ideas that polarize everyone and make sure that people are scared of their neighbors. Republicans tend to make me fear white people in large groups. I think of militias and fat white dudes trying to play military.

I just am tired of having to claim I am Canadian when I fly to Europe.

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