Sunday, January 15, 2012


I keep coming back here to realize that I still have this blog active. I am trying to figure out why I cannot stick with it or anything. I think I think that I think people may or may not read it. I had some friends in Orlando who used to keep track of it but they stopped due to one or more of the following reasons: 1)I am a lot more boring than I think I am. 2)My life got a lot less interesting. 3)Their lives got a lot more interesting. 4)We all have kids now so the world seems much less drab and drum.

I don't know the answer but in private times I think that I know the answer. At any rate, I can honestly say that I don't just blog during election times, it just seems that way. I go back every so often and look at my original posts (you know, the ones that will keep me from ever being in public office) and think about how angry I seem. I was simply trying to be snarky and sarcastic but I probably came across more dickish than anything. That is OK, if I want to make a career out of it I can always write for a local entertainment paper. After all, the RFT or whatever you call it in other cities is simply a place for no-talent writer hacks to try to smooth out the rough edges of their version of the English language. I also seem to believe that most of those idiots are there simply to hear themselves talk anyway. After all, how much of a loser do you need to be to write something that no one will ever read. It would be like publishing a blog that no one will ever read...

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